IBM AIX Version 3 workstation
StorEdge A1000
Sun Enterprise 3500 Server
Sun Fire 880
Sun Fire 880 CPU / Memory Board

IBM AIX Version 3 workstation
IBM, 1996
CPU: PowerPC 604 @ 120 MHz
Memory: 96MB 72-pin PS/2 parity
Drives: 2.2GB Quantum XP32150 (DFHS), 3.5 Floppy (2.88MB)
Operation system: AIX 4.3.2
AIX Version 3 (sometimes called AIX/6000) was first released in 1990.
AIX v3 innovated in several ways on the software side. It was the first operating system to introduce the idea of a journaling file system, JFS, which allowed for fast boot times by avoiding the need to ensure the consistency of the file systems on disks on every reboot.
Another innovation was shared libraries which avoid the need for static linking from an application to the libraries it used. The resulting smaller binaries used less of the hardware RAM to run, and used less disk space to install. Besides improving performance, it was a boon to developers: executable binaries could be in the tens of kilobytes instead of a megabyte for an executable statically linked to the C library.