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Palm Faltbare Tastatur
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Palm Portable Keyboard
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Palm Faltbare Tastatur
Use the external wallet-sized keyboard to write down notes and reports at the next meeting or on the plane. Collapsible. Weighing just over 200g, this full-size keyboard can be folded to a format just slightly larger than the Palm handheld itself. Practically usable everywhere. With a Palm Portable Keyboard in your pocket, you can conveniently write memos and schedule appointments on the go. Individually programmable function keys. With up to nine easy-to-program buttons, you can instantly call up your most-used applications and programs. Easy use. Install the Palm Portable Keyboard software, place your Palm handheld in the built-in docking station, and you're ready to use the keyboard. Works without batteries. The keyboard requires very little power, which you get from the Palm handheld. Additional batteries are not required.