Amstrad PC1512
Centronics GLP
Highscreen 286 / Kompakt Serie III
HP 712/60 Workstation
HP Hewlett Packard 85B
Jarltech 8100B touch screen
Palm Faltbare Tastatur
Palm m500
Palm Portable Keyboard
Wang PC 350/40C

Olympus Camedia C-410 L
Olympus Optical Co., 1997
CCD matrix: 640x480, 350,000 pixels
Lenses: 1:2.8, Memory: 3 Mb internal
LCD monitor: 4.5 cm TFT
Dimensions and weight: 145x72x47 mm, 295 g
The camera could be connected to the serial port of a PC/Mac with a cable supplied. The internal memory was enough to store up to 120 shots.
Exhibit on YouTube: