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Lerncomputer LC80
VEB Mikroelektronik "Karl Marx" Erfurt, 1982
CPU: UD 880 D
Memory: 2 KBytes ROM, 1 KByte RAM
Display: Six seven-segment indicators
The LC80 is a single board computer designed for educational purposes. The "Lerncomputer" is enclosed in a ring bider to facilitate easy transportation and storage. The choice of a visible circuit over a closed casing allows surveying single components to learn about the elementary basics of digital computing.
A calculator like numeric keyboard is used as input device to enter hexadecimal machine code. Possible communication methods include a magnetic tape drive, a tiny speaker, a piezoelectric sensor and programmable I/O interfaces.
The computer was used for learning programming. Exhibit on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF2Qk122_K4