Highscreen 286 / Kompakt Serie III
Centronics GLP
HP 712/60 server
HP Hewlett Packard 85B
Jarltech 8100B touch screen
Schneider PC1512 sd
Wang PC 350/40C

Schneider Euro PC
Schneider, 1988
CPU: Intel 8088 @ 9.54 MHz
Memory: 512 KB RAM
Operating system: MS DOS 3.3
Drives: floppy disk drive 3,5", 20 MB hard drive (optional)
Monitor: 14" colour, XT-compatible
Programming language: GW Basic
The PC was an MS-DOS-based home computer of the Schneider computer division. The motherboard was installed in the keyboard housing.
This computer was applied in 1988 at the Bernoulli conference in Berlin. Exhibit on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADS-hZwcSls