Consul, the educated monkey
Patented Technology, 1916
This is a modern reproduction of a toy that was patented in 1916 by William Robertson of Belmont, Ohio. The original toy was manufactured in the US. The base is about 14 x 15 cm, and there is a little wire stand at the back
Why is he called Consul? A film producer called Charles Urban made a movie in 1909 called "Consul Crosses the Atlantic". Consul was a trained monkey of the time, well known in England and Europe. The 1909 film records Consul"s first visit to the USA.
The monkey is articulated, and when you set the feet to a particular combination of numbers, shown along the bottom of the tin, say "4" and "9", the "Educated Monkey" multiplies them together and comes up with the answer "36".Any combination of numbers from 1 to 12 can be multipied together, and although you can"t point both feet to the same number, eg to multiply "5" by "5", there is a "square" function, to allow you to work out 5 squared. So all in all, you can calculate anything from the "1" times table to the "12" times table, although you can"t enter any number bigger than 12.